Research Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Sciences houses 5 research laboratories, some of which have formal Unit/Proto-Unit status viz., Antimicrobial Resistance Proto-Unit, Drug Delivery Proto-Unit, Catalysis and Peptide Unit, Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Research Laboratory and Tissue Culture, Kinins, Protein Culture and Microbiology Research Laboratory.

The Centre for Occupational Professional Assessment and Rehabilitation is housed in Occupational Therapy

Other disciplines house research equipment in dedicated research space while most disciplines use undergraduate training laboratories and equipment for research purposes.

Thus dedicated, multi-disciplinary research laboratories aligned to the research themes of the School and College are urgently required to advance the strategic research goals of the University, College and School.

Research Equipment              

The School has benefited to the amount of R20-R50 million from the NRF, Infrastructure and Efficiency and Clinical Training Grants as well as the University Capital Expenditure Funds allocated from the College and Research Office.     

The School will continue to exploit existing internal and external funding opportunities for expensive teaching and research equipment in addition to engaging with other national and international equipment funding calls and actively pursuing sponsorships/endowments from the commercial sector.

Research Themes

Research Support

Research Units in the School

The Research Methods Library of Alexandria is a very rich source of educational material on the conduct of research and is highly recommended. Links are:

Research Methods Library of Alexandria

Research Methods Library of Alexandria (mirror site)

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