Top Audiologist, Ms Nabeelah Desai, graduates.

Top Achiever Equipped for World of Work

Top of her class, a Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and the Susan M Swart Award for exceptional academic achievement – Ms Nabeelah Desai can be justly proud of her scholastic endeavours.

Now Desai plans to expand her knowledge and gain some experience by working as a Clinical Audiologist while considering postgraduate studies.

‘Working in a hospital environment among a team of healthcare professionals inspires me,’ said Desai. ‘Interacting with and constantly learning from professionals in various disciplines keeps me involved and focused on the main goal of good patient outcomes.’

What advice does she have for students striving for success? ‘Try not to focus on the percentages and count every mark as your self-worth. It’s easy to get caught up by judging yourself on paper. Find the passion for what you are studying and remind yourself of why you chose what you are doing. You’ll be happy with your results if you give your work your maximum effort, and that can only come from being enthusiastic.’

Desai attended the Siraatul Haq Islamic School and Madressah in Estcourt, and the Maritzburg Muslim School for Girls, where she matriculated.

She has an elder brother, who is a UKZN alumnus, and a younger brother in matric. Both her parents are entrepreneurs.

‘Completing my degree would have been a great deal more challenging without the help of my family, friends, lecturers, staff at the Audiology Department, and funding from the SANZAF/DH Moosa Willowton Oil Foundation.’

Words: Nombuso Dlamini