Final-year Audiology students.

“My Eyes are My Ears and My Hands are My Mouth” – Audiology Annual Deaf Awareness Campaign

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Final-year Audiology students hosted their annual Deaf Awareness Month campaign at Fulton School for the Deaf, in Gillitts, Durban.

Facilitated by Audiology students and supervised by Audiology lecturer, Dr Zandile Shezi, the event featured guest speakers as well as fun activities and prizes.

‘I’ve always wanted to learn sign language and work with Deaf children; this has always been my passion and I’m truly living my dream,’ said Gift of the Givers Audiologist, Ms Taskeen Ameer.

Guest speakers Ms Voloshni Annamallay, who is also a UKZN alumnus, Mr Adhil Ramnath and Mr Suhail Ganie shared their personal experiences as Deaf persons living and working in South Africa.

‘I’m an Information Technology Specialist by profession but my passion lies in modelling, art and music. Don’t limit yourself, Deaf people are able to accomplish everything abled people can, don’t allow the world to tell you otherwise,’ said Ramnath.

Ganie, a YouTube content creator, encouraged learners, saying: ‘You can achieve anything as long as you put in the work. You shouldn’t let setbacks bring you down because life is too short.’

Criminologist and Fulton alumnus, Ms Voloshni Annamallay, shared the hardships she encountered whilst studying at UKZN, from finding an interpreter to navigating varsity life as a hearing-impaired person. Despite the challenges she faced, she will graduate with an Honours degree in Criminology at next year’s Autumn Graduation Ceremonies.

Mrs Mala Perumal shared her experience as a parent of a Deaf child and a Social Worker at the KwaZulu-Natal Blind and Deaf Society, focused on Deaf culture.

The event ended with insightful presentations from Miss, Mr and Ms Deaf South Africa 2022.

Words and photograph: Mandisa Shozi