Best Overall Dental Therapy graduate, Ms Brittany Chloe Dolan.

Dentistry’s Best Overall Student for 2017 Rewarded

UKZN Dentistry’s Best Overall Student for 2017, Ms Brittany Dolan, graduated summa cum laude and also received recognition for the Student who Represents the Professional Ideal.

‘I feel a great sense of accomplishment,’ said Dolan. ‘I’m also grateful that I have a lot to show for all the hard work I put in throughout my years of study.’

She said her family was “over the moon” about her results. ‘They admire my strong work ethic – it gives them some idea of the type of practitioner I will be. They are also delighted that I will be able to live out my God-given mission to bring healing and health to others.’

Dolan thanked all those who helped her along the way. ‘I’m grateful to everyone who supported and aided me in this accomplishment. I didn’t achieve this alone.’

Her future plans include gaining as much dentistry experience as she can, helping her community according to God’s plan for her and to never stop learning.

She advised those who were still studying to always believe they could achieve better, ‘Don’t let where you are, limit where you have the potential to be and never be afraid or too embarrassed to ask for help.

‘I have a close bond with my three sisters who are my best friends. We march to the beat of our own drum and have our own unique brand of crazy fun that always keeps me entertained.’

Words: Nombuso Dlamini: