Biokinetics Academic Receives ASAIPA Award

Co-ordinator of the Biokinetics programme at UKZN, Dr Jeanne Grace received an Alliance of SA Independent Practitioners Association (ASAIPA) National Medical Award at a ceremony in Pretoria. The ASAIPA awards recognise practitioners who contribute to independent private practice and embrace digital solutions to achieve improved patient and business outcomes; organisations, groups or individuals that enhance

Ofundisa Ezamehlo Wethule Inkulumo Enyuvesi yaseMelika

Click here for English version UMnu Alvin Munsamy ofundisa e-UKZN usanda kwethula isifundo kwenye yeZikole ze-Optometry, i-State University of New York (i-SUNY), ngesihloko esithi Optometry Training and Practice in South Africa. Esifundweni sakhe u-Munsamy ukhulume ngesimo sezifundo zezamehlo eNingizimu Afrika kusukela emsebenzini owenziwayo kuye ekubambisaneni kwezezamehlo phakathi kwe-SUNY Optometry ne-UKZN Optometry. Kulesi sifundo bekukhona abasebenza kule

Health Sciences Community Pledges to Protect Women

The School of Health Sciences hosted its Annual Oath Taking Ceremony in which final-year students took an oath to abide by the ethical and professional standards of all professional bodies … and this year at the same occasion, the School encouraged all male staff, students and parents in attendance to commit to protecting women against

Ocularist Addresses Optometry Students

UKZN’s Optometry Discipline hosted a talk by one of only 12 Ocularists in South Africa, Mr Peter Furber. Furber began his career as a dental technician and thereafter worked at Durban University of Technology doing maxillo-facial work and manufacturing ocular prostheses. When an eye is surgically removed due to cancer, chronic diseases, accidents or violence,

Umklomelo woMhlaba kwi-Greening Chemistry

Click here for English version Ososayensi abahamba phambili base-UKZN nabayizingwazi ezihlonishwayo emhlabeni wonke emkhakheni yamakhemistri yamakhambi, oSolwazi Fernando Albericio no-Beatriz Garcia De la Torre baklonyeliswe ngama-$25,000 yi-American Chemical Society (i-ACS) Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable (i-GCIPR) ngokuthuthukisa ucwaningo ngamakhemikhali angacekeli phansi imvelo. Kwabayisithupha abaklonyelisiwe kunezikhungo ezine zaseMelika, esisodwa sase-France nethimba lika-Albericio no-De la Torre lase-UKZN.

Andy Gray

Pharmaceutical Award for Senior Lecturer

Senior lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mr Andy Gray received the Joseph A Oddis Award for exceptional services to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) at the opening ceremony of the 79th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The FIP represents more than four million pharmacists around the world. Its vision is

New President for SA Society of Physiotherapy

Lecturer Mr Rogier Van Bever Donker has been appointed President of the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP). SASP is a voluntary professional membership organisation committed to equal opportunities and inclusivity, striving to support the demographic profile of South Africa in terms of race and gender. It is also a non-profit organisation and a public

Four Ethiopian Students Achieve Doctorates all Related to Sport

Four Ethiopian students in the Discipline of Biokinetics, Exercise and Leisure Sciences (BELS) graduated with doctoral degrees from UKZN’s College of Health Sciences. They were Dr Gashaw Analeyi, Dr Ephrm Desalegn, Dr Dagnachew Begizew and Dr Bizuw Gebermariam. Analeyi’s thesis was titled: The Rise and Fall of the Ethiopian Men’s National Football Team Since 1962;

Doctoral Research Finds Urgent Need for Heightened Regulations in SA Animal Food Production

A UKZN researcher says he has found evidence to support the urgent implementation of heightened antibiotic regulation and stewardship in the animal food production system in South Africa. Ghanaian-born, Dr Daniel Amoako did the research for his PhD in Pharmaceutical Microbiology producing a thesis titled: Molecular and Genomic Profiling of Staphylococcus aureus from “Farm-to-Fork” in an Intensive

Contribution to Dental Public Health Earns Academic International Recognition

Click here for isiZulu version UKZN’s Professor Shenuka Singh has received an international award at a dentistry summit organised by the International Venus Foundation in Chennai, India, for her contribution to dental public health. Singh got the Excellence in Dental Public Health Award and was also a guest of honour and keynote speaker at the