Contribution to Dental Public Health Earns Academic International Recognition

Click here for isiZulu version UKZN’s Professor Shenuka Singh has received an international award at a dentistry summit organised by the International Venus Foundation in Chennai, India, for her contribution to dental public health. Singh got the Excellence in Dental Public Health Award and was also a guest of honour and keynote speaker at the

Record Number of Summa Cum Laude Graduates for School of Health Sciences

Twenty-seven students in the School of Health Sciences were awarded their Bachelor’s degrees summa cum laude. They are Ms Casey Lee Van Den Berg, Ms Micaela Ashley Brown, Ms Gcwalisile Mabaso, Ms Susanna Margit Desmet, Ms Nomonde Ngidi, Ms Husna Mahomed, Mr Travis Lee Ajodha, Ms Maseehah Bayat, Mr Mishen Brijlal, Desmaine Chetty, Asma Chohan, Ms Alisha

PhD Study Investigates Factors Inhibiting Malaria Treatment

Dr Gideon Femi Tolufashe graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry following a novel study on L,D-transpeptidase 5 (LdtMt5) from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis using computational methods. ‘The aim was to identify potential inhibitors yielding to the treatment of malaria for which new drugs are needed,’ he explained. The study investigated the inhibition mechanism of LdtMt5 from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Proud Mom and Daughter Share Graduation Stage

The UKZN April 2019 Graduation was a proud moment for Mrs Harriet T Mamba and her daughter, Ms Lindelwa T Mamba, who graduated with a Master’s in Public Health and a Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy, respectively. ‘We are excited, especially because we enrolled in different years and never anticipated that we would graduate on

I-UKZN Ibalwa Namanyuvesi Ayikhulu Avelele

Click here for English version I-UKZN ibalwa namanyuvesi avelele ayikhulu amazwe asathuthuka ngokomnotho ngokohlu olusanda kukhishwa yi-Times Higher Education (i-THE). INyuvesi ikleliswe yaba ngeyama-49 kwi-Emerging Economies Ranking 2019 ye-THE. Amanye amanyuvesi aseNingizimu Afrika akulolu hlu yi-University of Cape Town (iyisishiyagalolunye), i-University of Witwatersrand (endaweni ye-11), i-University of Stellenbosch (endaweni yama-24), i-University of Pretoria (endaweni yama-78) ne-University of

Clinical Training for Seychellois Dentistry Students

Nineteen final-year Dental Therapy students from the Seychelles received clinical training during a two-week sojourn at UKZN hosted by the Dentistry Discipline. The students were qualified dental therapists who are part of a special collaboration between UKZN and the National Institute of Social Studies in the Seychelles to upgrade the existing skills of health professionals.

Mother-Daughter Duo Graduate

A mother and daughter shared pride in each other when they graduated together at UKZN. Mrs Joan Pather received a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy while her daughter, Ms Esther Ophelia Pather, was awarded a BCom degree. Joan, who is passionate about working among people living with disabilities, decided to undertake a Master’s in Physiotherapy degree

UKZN Lecturer’s Daughters Graduate Together

It was a day of great jubilation for UKZN senior lecturer Professor Shakila Singh when her two daughters were awarded postgraduate degrees at the same Graduation ceremony. Ms Shivani Reddy graduated with a Master of Occupational Therapy degree while her sister, Devanya, received a Bachelor of Sports Science-Exercise Science (Honours) degree. Shivani’s research was titled: Long Term

Top Achiever Equipped for World of Work

Top of her class, a Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and the Susan M Swart Award for exceptional academic achievement – Ms Nabeelah Desai can be justly proud of her scholastic endeavours. Now Desai plans to expand her knowledge and gain some experience by working as a Clinical Audiologist while considering postgraduate studies. ‘Working in a hospital environment

Optometry Graduate Plans to Open Own Franchise

The Best Overall Final Year Optometry Student at UKZN, graduate Ms Sohani Deonarain, aims to open her own optometry franchise in South Africa and later expand it internationally. ‘I am happy my hard work paid off, bringing joy and pride to my family who motivated me right through the tough times. They are the reason